Make Pink Slip Rick Listen to Us

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12 September 2012
Pink Slip Rick is going on an education "listening" tour throughout Florida to try and thwart the massive blow his popularity took when he enacted sweeping cuts to public schools, laid off our teachers, and pushed high stakes testing over quality education.

He's not listening to everyone though. Rick Scott is creating a PR bubble by hand-selecting who is invited to participate in his "listening" tour and is only filling the room with yes men who aren't telling the truth.

But you can demand that he listen!

He's not hearing about how his dramatic cuts to education have increased class sizes, closed down schools, laid off teachers, and cut music, art, and athletic programs from the curriculum. He’s not hearing about the kids that are falling through the cracks.

Instead he's having his yes men blow smoke while the real problems are ignored. He's using our children and our schools as a political backdrop for his "Listen to ME" tour, and promoting his own pre-written 6 point agenda, as opposed to actually taking in what parents are saying their children need. Pink Slip Rick won't even let reporters hear what's going on in the room.

Rick Scott needs to hear about how his failed policies harm our students. Tell him!

We're going to be working with a coalition of parent groups to present a unified front opposing Pink Slip Rick's disastrous education plans. Your voices will help demonstrate the wide opposition to his destruction of our schools.

Let Pink Slip Rick know what you think.

Thank you,

Susannah Randolph

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